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2022 Best Apps for People with a Disability

13 July, 2022

As technology becomes more advanced, there are many ways that tech can improve day-to-day life for people with a range of disabilities - all from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. It can be hard to narrow down the best of the best, so Focus Care has compiled a list of the top apps for people with a disability. 

Technical Terms

  • iOS relates to Apple devices. This means that you can access these apps through the App Store when using an iPhone or iPad.

  • Android relates to devices such as Samsung, Google, or Oppo. This means that you can access these apps through the Google Play Store, on your Android phone or tablet. 

Best app for NDIS budgeting & tracking

NDIS Plan Tracker - 2021 Best Apps for People with a Disability - Focus CarePlan Tracker

A national NDIS plan manager and self-management app, Plan Tracker assists you in budgeting, planning, and tracking your NDIS funds.

This application is perfect for those who want to keep track of their NDIS funding. There are a number of useful features in the app, such as planning, tracking when you have paid providers, and recording your support. This app is available on both iOS and Android, and its prices start at $15 a month.

Best app for the blind or visually impaired

Be My Eyes - 2021 Best Apps for People with a DisabilityBe My Eyes

Be My Eyes connects volunteers with blind or visually impaired people with navigating everyday tasks. Examples include identifying the colour of a wall, or the expiration date printed on a drink. The app uses video call technology, in which the volunteer can speak to the user and offer support for completing these tasks. 

Be My Eyes allows for a stronger sense of independence for blind or visually impaired people, and allows for easier navigation of their surroundings. This free app is available on both iOS and Android.

Best app for those with hearing impairments

Rogervoice - 2021 Best Apps for People with a Disability - Focus CareRogervoice

Rogervoice is an extremely useful app, which enables people with hearing impairments to have real-time conversations on the phone. This is done by converting speech to subtitles.

Rogervoice can help with day-to-day tasks, such as booking a table at a restaurant, making an appointment at the bank, or keeping in touch with friends and family with ease. The app can be used on a Free plan, but Paid plans are also available, for both iOS and Android. Free plans allow you to call other friends and family that have the Rogervoice app, and paid plans allow you to call all landlines and cell phones, and also receive calls. 

Best app for those with aphasia

HelpTalk - 2021 Best Apps for People with a Disability - Focus CareHelpTalk

HelpTalk is a great app for those with aphasia, or those with muteness, autism, or other disabilities which impact on speaking. The app assists people who can’t communicate orally or through writing to express their basic needs. It does this by creating sets of actions which represent common communication scenarios. Examples of actions include doctors appointments, studying, or travelling. 

If the user can’t find what they need, the application also has a “Talk” screen which can be used to write sentences and save common phrases. This means that your personal common phrases can be kept on hand to show people whenever you need them, and will appear after typing the first few characters. This app is available on Android, and is free to download and use. 

Best app for women with a disability to stay safe

Sunny - 2021 Best Apps for People with a Disability - Focus CareSunny

Sunny is an app created by 1800RESPECT, to be used by women with a disability. It provides support for those who have experienced violence and abuse. It has been co-designed by women with a disability, helping it provide the best support for those who use the app.

If you are a woman with a disability who needs to report violence or abuse, Sunny can help with telling your story, understanding what happened, finding people who can help, and knowing your rights. Sunny also works with a screen reader. Sunny is available for both iOS and Android, and is completely free to use. 

Best app for children who need support with decision-making

Choiceworks - 2021 Best Apps for People with a Disability - Focus CareChoiceworks

Choiceworks is a great tool for teaching children with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disorders how to make decisions. It teaches children about routines, making them much easier to complete. The application uses a visual system and has a focus on essential daily tasks, such as attending appointments, making choices, and understanding emotions.

Choiceworks also uses a child-friendly calendar, encourages independence, and enforces positive behaviour. This app is available on iOS for $29.99. Whilst this can be slightly pricey for an app, Choiceworks is extremely helpful for children with developmental disorders such as autism, and well worth the investment. 

Best app for learning

Otsimo - 2021 Best Apps for People with a Disability - Focus CareOtsimo

Otsimo is a certified and awarded educational game developed for individuals diagnosed with learning disorders, attention deficit, autism, down syndrome, aspergers, and other developmental disorders.

This may sound similar to Choiceworks, but Otsimo is much less about making choices and instead focuses on education about core skills, including the alphabet, numbers, and reading emotions. This is done through fun and user-friendly games. It is also free, and available on both iOS and Android. 

How can Focus Care help?

If you or a loved one are looking for disability support, Focus Care provides NDIS services which allow you to live life on your own terms. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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