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Job Hunting as a Person with a Disability

8 September, 2021

It can be tough to find a job that feels like it is the right fit for you. This can be even more difficult if you are a person living with a disability, especially with false stereotypes within the workforce. Focus Care has put together a few of our top tips for job hunting as a person with a disability.

Emphasise your individual abilities

Everybody has different skills and qualities that make them stand out to a prospective employer. Make sure to capitalise on your individual strengths when writing a resume, cover letter, or having a job interview.

You should take every possible chance to show your employer why you are the right fit for a job. This can include your skillset, experience, or personal traits, all of which can come together to help you prove your value as an employee. 

Address gaps in your work history

If you have gaps in your work history, it is okay to let a potential employer know the reasons behind this, whatever that reason may be. It is perfectly reasonable to address this, and will not hinder your employment chances in any way.

Being honest is one of the most important qualities that you can have as an employee, and your potential employer will appreciate your transparency.

Knowing what you need to work efficiently

If you need certain accommodations to work efficiently at a prospective job, be honest about this with your employer, whether you need flexible working hours, the option to work remotely, or screen-reader software.

Employers are legally required to provide all employees with reasonable accommodations, so informing them as early as possible will allow them the time to prepare the adequate accommodations for you.

Focus on what you can do!

Explaining not only that you can do the job, but how you can do the job, is also important. By providing this explanation, you can help your employer understand how you are still as capable as any other candidate for the position.

How Focus Care can help

Focus Care is a registered NDIS provider, offering support services and Support Coordination as a part of your NDIS plan. We take the time to get to know you as a person, and focus on your individual goals and priorities. If you or a loved one is looking for disability support, please contact us today to see how we can help.

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