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Creative Therapies

Expressing myself in new ways. That's my focus.

A powerful mix of psychology and creativity, creative therapies help improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, offering new ways to connect.

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Art Therapy

Sharing thoughts and feelings without words.

More than self expression, art therapy engages attention, provides pleasure, improves neuropsychiatric symptoms, social behaviour, and self-esteem. Available as part of your NDIS or home care package, our art therapists work with seniors, carers, people living with dementia, and people with disabilities.

A close up of clay artworks being formed - Creative Therapies - Focus Care

Pet Therapy

Embracing companionship and unconditional love.

Pets bring a calming influence, help reduce stress, boost mobility and improve quality of life. We help people without a pet, share the joy of pet ownership, without the commitment.

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Music Therapy

Creating inner harmony through music.

Learn to play new instruments and find your rhythm with our group music therapy classes. No musical experience is needed to enjoy this highly interactive class.

Group Arts Workshops

Creativity is better shared. Join a like-minded group.

Held in person in Sydney and Melbourne, and online, join our group workshops that range from art to dance to music, and share the experience with people just like you. Group workshops are coming soon to Newcastle and the Sunshine Coast!


What our Creative Therapy clients are saying

The last time I came to the workshop I found it hard because the art was hard for me, now it's a piece of cake.
NDIS client
Everyday is the same, apart from when I come here to do art, it makes me happy. (when asked how her week has been)
NDIS client
I have really surprised myself… I didn't think I was going to be good at this but I'm really proud of what I've done. (in regards to art)
NDIS client
I like the companionship of being with someone who is trained in art. I have the opportunity to maintain my artistic practice and to continue with past and new directions. It is relaxing as I experience the joy of being creative without spending time packing materials and driving somewhere. It helps me to cope.
Focus Care client
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