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Top 5 Tips to Avoid Overspending on your NDIS Plan

15 September, 2021

When you receive a NDIS plan, the funding you receive is imperative to achieving your goals. Keeping track of your spending is important, so avoiding overspending is the key to maintaining your budget. Focus Care has compiled its top five tips to help avoid overspending within your NDIS plan.

Break down your NDIS plan

There are three key support categories in your NDIS plan - Core Supports, Capital Supports, and Capacity Building Supports. Each different category will have a different amount of funding. Your Core Support category is flexible, and you can move funding around within your NDIS plan. Your Capital Supports and Capacity Building Supports are not flexible, and funding must be spent within that category. 

Once you are aware of the funding for each support category, breaking your plan down into smaller subsections may help you to establish the different funds that can be used each week, fortnight, or month. By breaking down your NDIS plan, you will be able to better determine how to utilise your funding on a regular basis.

Use a Support Coordinator

Having a Support Coordinator walk you through your different types of funding and where it can be spent can also help you. Focus Care offers Support Coordination to offer assistance in navigating your NDIS plan and ensuring your spending is maintained.

If you would like support in navigating your NDIS plan and funding, contact Focus Care to see how we can help.

Online tracking

The NDIS participant portal is known as myplace. It is a secure portal where you, or a person you trust (such as a nominee) can access your NDIS information. Things you can do on the myplace portal include:

  • Seeing your current plan and previous plans.

  • Check your contact details.

  • See messages from the NDIS.

  • Create and view payment requests.

  • Create and manage service bookings.

Using the myplace portal can help you maintain control and choice over your NDIS plan funding. Through this portal, you can view monthly budget reports that provide you with a breakdown of each budget category. This shows how much funding has been used, how much is remaining, and whether you are overspending on your NDIS plan.

Use your Service Agreement

You can also use your Service Agreement from a provider such as Focus Care as a tool to manage your NDIS plan funding. A Service Agreement outlines the types of services that you are being provided with, how long they will be provided for, any additional fees and terms & conditions, and the cost of the services.

Have a flexible mindset

If you manage to overspend on your NDIS plan, reach out for help in getting yourself back on track. Someone like a Support Coordinator can give you assistance, tools, and strategies to get your spending back on track. 

How can Focus Care help?

Focus Care is a registered NDIS service provider. We practice a person-centred approach, tailored to your preferences and needs, offering Support Coordination, assistance with daily life, creative therapies, and more. If you or a loved one are looking for NDIS support, contact us today.

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