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What is Dementia Action Week?

22 September, 2021

Dementia impacts almost half a million Australians every year, with almost 1.6 million Australians involved in their care. This year’s theme, “A little support makes a big difference”, tells us how small actions in our everyday lives can greatly help a person with dementia. Focus Care has put together a guide on what Dementia Action Week is, and how you can get involved.

About Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week was developed in conjunction with Dementia Advocates, with a real-life experience of dementia. This year’s campaign, “A little support makes a big difference”, demonstrates how many people living with dementia can continue to live well for many years after diagnosis.

This year’s focus is also on supporting and celebrating carers of people living with dementia. Dementia Australia, in conjunction with Dementia Action Week, will provide tips and information to encourage all Australians to increase their understanding of dementia, learning how to make a difference to the lives of people who are impacted. 

This includes simple tips to:

  • Give support to a person living with dementia.

  • Give support to a carer, friend or family member of a person living with dementia.

  • Help healthcare professionals in making their practice more dementia-friendly.

By raising awareness through Dementia Action Week, discussion can continue about discrimination, which can greatly impact people living with dementia, and their family, friends and carers.

Dementia Australia: the facts

Dementia Australia provides a number of different options, depending on what relates to a person.

I want to learn more about dementia

Dementia Australia provides a number of different easy-to-read resources with vital information about dementia for carers, a person living with dementia, or someone who is interested in learning more about dementia. 

There is also an option to help celebrate a carer on the site, thanking a carer by sending an e-card, recognising their efforts. 

I am living with dementia

If you are living with dementia, this section of the site provides additional resources that are specifically designed for a person living with dementia. Of particular interest may be the interactive home plan, which can assist you or your carer, friends and family in creating a dementia-friendly home environment. There are also a number of COVID-19 resources that a person living with dementia can access. 

I want to support a carer

This year, Dementia Action Week is focusing on supporting and celebrating carers of a person living with dementia. A carer can often give up their own wellbeing to prioritise the person they are caring for, so a number of resources are available to support carers.

I care for someone living with dementia

As has been stated, it can be easy to prioritise the person you are caring for. Dementia Australia has put together additional resources that are carer-specific. Make sure to practice self-care and keep yourself a priority. The site also contains further resources that carers can use to educate themselves further on dementia. 

Show your support

The Dementia Australia site has many different ways you can show your support for Dementia Action Week. You can download various email signatures and social media tiles for your own personal use, as well as a number of COVID-19 resources for education. 

You can also register your interest for Dementia Australia, to receive information from Dementia Australia Week and a number of other initiatives. 

How can Focus Care help?

Focus Care offers specialised dementia care to yourself or a loved one. Using best practice methodologies, Focus Care has developed a personalised and innovative approach to dementia care. The Montessori Method of Care focuses on each client’s individual preferences, strengths, and needs, all from the comfort of their own home. If you would like to learn more about how our approach can help you or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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