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NDIS Funding

When you receive an NDIS Plan, you are allocated a certain amount of funds which you can use for different supports that you need.

How to monitor your NDIS funds

There are several ways you can monitor and track your NDIS funds. All NDIS participants can track their funding through the NDIA online portal. You can also call the NDIS directly.

If you are self-managed, you can use the NDIS Plan Tracker app to view and manage your funding effectively. If you are plan-managed, you can use the Plan Manager portal to track funding, and they also send participants periodic invoices.


How to make the most of your NDIS funds

You can maximise your NDIS funds with the help of a trusted friend, or family member. If your NDIS plan allows for Support Coordination, they are specially trained to help you do so as well. Ways you can maximise your NDIS funds includes comparing prices with different Service Providers, and asking for Service Quotes to assist you in making a decision.


What are the different types of NDIS funding?

There are three different types of NDIS funding that you have access to. Each type of funding has different support activities that you can access. Below are some of the examples available through each different funding category:


  • Assistance with daily life (cleaning, meal prep, personal care)

  • Transport

  • Consumables

  • Social support


  • Assistive technology

  • Home modifications

  • Vehicle modifications

  • Specialist disability housing

Capacity Building

  • Support Coordination

  • Employment services

  • Physiotherapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Speech pathology

  • Exercise physiology

  • Psychology / counselling

  • Art therapy

  • Home nursing


What are the different types of NDIS management?

There are three different types of NDIS management options that can be used as apart of your NDIS plan. You can choose one option, or you can combine the three options for different aspects of your plan. The three options are:

1.      Self Management

Self management means that you have complete control and responsibility over managing your NDIS funding.

Self management also allows for the greatest flexibility in arranging your supports.

You will receive funding (Payment Requests) from the NDIS, and then pay for your own supports and services.

2.      Plan Management

Plan management means having a Plan Manager Provider pay for supports and services on your behalf.

Plan management allows for greater flexibility in arranging your supports.

If your NDIS plan is plan managed, you will be allocated additional funding to cover the costs of their services.

3.      NDIA Management

NDIA management means having the NDIA manage your NDIS funding.

Your service providers are responsible for claiming funding from the NDIS to cover the supports and services that they provide.

Agency management means that you are unable to use unregistered providers.


How do I apply for more funding?

This is another aspect of the NDIS that your Support Coordinator can help with. When your NDIS Plan Review is approaching, this is a good time to consider applying for additional funding. This can be a discussion with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

Another way that you can help yourself in being approved for more funding is by obtaining service quotes from a number of Service Providers, to demonstrate the funding you would need. A trusted friend, family member, or Support Coordinator can help you with this.