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11 April, 2020

Your Lockdown Entertainment Guide: The Arts Edition

There are plenty of reasons to smile at the moment, despite these uncertain times.

We are living in unprecedented times, with the world seemingly in chaos. Most of us can't do the things we really love, or see the people we care about. Our lives have changed in ways we could never have expected, but there is good news. This is the golden age of technology, and thanks to the internet, it’s possible to stay both connected and entertained at home.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be producing a series of Lockdown Entertainment Guides, each with a different focus. Whether you like music, cooking, nature or anything else, we’ll be sure to bring you the best entertainment available to enjoy from the comfort of your home. By staying productive, or at the very least, keeping our minds occupied, we can all help beat feelings of anxiety and loneliness. This week, we’ll be focusing on the arts, and how you can stay engaged with your passions from home.


  • Live stream: Video content which you are seeing live online, as you would on TV.

  • YouTube: A famous, free website for watching live or pre-recorded video content.

  • Virtual tour: A tour you can attend thanks to the magic of technology.

  • Smartphone: A phone with the ability to use the internet, watch videos and see images.

Discover Theatre from your Living Room

One of the marvellous things about the theatre is its ability to adapt. Known for thinking on their feet, actors are able to portray a myriad of characters in unconventional ways. The renowned American actor, Alec Baldwin, will be reprising his role as Harold in the 1983 black comedy, Orphans. His debut on the Australian stage will take the form of a live reading, alongside fellow actors, Andrew Henry and Aaron Glenane.

This is your opportunity to enjoy the delights of the theatre at home. It’s free, but you are welcome to make a donation. Tune in on Sunday, April 12 from 11am AEST .

Watch the performance live, courtesy of Sydney’s very own Canvas Collective, here. The link will take you to a YouTube page, where a “live stream” will be available.

Closed red theatre curtains - Watch theatre from home - Home entertainment guide.Tour the World's Most Famous Art Galleries

All around the world, galleries are opening their doors virtually. This means that you have a unique opportunity to see some of the globe’s best pieces, absolutely free!

This dream may have seemed impossible before, but thanks to the powers of the internet, we’ve all been blessed. A “virtual tour” allows a camera to act as your eyes. This gives you the opportunity to see what a tourist would see, for free!

We particularly love these tours of the Louvre. There are four to choose from, including the amazing Egyptian Antiquities. You can use various clearly marked buttons to guide you through each exhibit, but please note, some words may be in French.

Louvre Gallery by Night - Virtual Art Gallery Tours - Home entertainment guide.Visit the Sydney Opera House without Leaving Your Sofa

The bad news is, you still can’t go out to Sydney Opera House (yes, even if you live down the road). The good news, however, is that they are hosting a range of videos and live streams catered to lovers of the arts.

From interviews to author discussions, there are a fascinating variety of programs being offered, as they bring their stage to your sofa.

This “Digital Season” will beam top-quality content to your screen. Perhaps you might want to muse On Love at a talk with Alain De Botton. Others may be transfixed by Dance Rites 2019 , focusing on extraordinary dance talent from our First Nations people.

Sydney Opera House by night - Digital Program - Home entertainment guide.Watch the Bolshoi Ballet

Fans of classical ballet will hardly believe their eyes: for the first time in history, the Russian ballet company is going online.

Dating back to 1776, Bolshoi Ballet is one of the world’s oldest ballet companies, gaining worldwide acclaim in the 20th Century. In fact, this company was the first to premiere Swan Lake.

There have been a variety of performances already, but you can view the incredible Nutcracker on Saturday, April 11 here. This will be screened live at 2am (AEST), but don’t worry. You don’t need to stay up late, as it will be available for 24 hours. Please note, the YouTube page uses Russian characters, but English characters do say “The Nutcracker ballet”. You will just need to press “play” on the video underneath.

Bolshoi Ballet Theatre in Russia- Watch Ballet Online - Home entertainment guide.Enter a Short Story Competition

Do you have a passion for creative writing? There has never been a better time to hone your skills. There are many writing prompts available to writers of all levels online. One particularly inspiring way of getting involved is to enter a short story competition.

The Australian Writers’ Centre is a fantastic resource, offering lots of online courses and tips to creatives. It also runs a Furious Fiction competition on the first weekend of each month. Typically, stories have to contain certain words or themes, but then you’re encouraged to think outside of the box. There’s a $500 prize for winners, and the opportunity to make it on a shortlist.

You have just 55 hours each month to submit your story, online. Enter Furious Fiction here on the first Friday of each month, from 5pm.

Old-fashioned typewriter - Short story competition - Home entertainment guide.Create Art at Home

Whether you’re a novice or you’re a professional artist, we all have something to learn. You’re never quite finished when it comes to perfecting your craft, no matter your chosen medium.

From painting to scrapbooking, you can use this downtime to create. There are lots of art tutorials on YouTube - all you have to do is search for them to get started. We like this watercolour lesson, which is available for free. It’s great if you have some watercolour paints.

If you don’t have paints, why not start with some simple sketching? Use pencils with this nature scenes tutorial , to develop your drawing skills.

Play "Draw Something" with your Loved Ones

Finally, we don’t all have to be artists or appreciate the arts in a more high-brow manner. In times like these, it’s completely acceptable to want to have a bit of (distant) fun with friends.

If you have a smartphone, Draw Something is for you! Exchange doodles and have fun in the process. Here is the iPhone download. Here is the Android download. If you’re not sure which link is for you, click both. Only one will allow you to proceed.

If you are an older person or a person with disabilities requiring assistance at this difficult time, you can contact us on 1300 941 750. We offer a wide range of services relating to in home care, including private in home nursing. We can even help you with social activities, including engaging with the arts online.

Feeling worried? Remember that this, too, shall pass. Right now, COVID-19 is bigger than all of us. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home.

Whether you’re a novice or you’re a professional artist, we all have something to learn. You’re never quite finished when it comes to perfecting your craft, no matter your chosen medium.

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