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A Guide to Safe Shopping During Coronavirus

16 July, 2021

People over 70 and people with underlying health conditions are being strongly advised to isolate at home to protect themselves from coronavirus. Adjusting to these new measures may be challenging, especially as it gets more difficult to purchase necessary groceries.

This guide is intended to shed some light on the options currently available to you, and help you make the safest choices.

1. Shop online

If you own a computer or tablet, shopping online is a safe option. Once you set up an online account with a supermarket on their website, you can choose the items you would like, fill in your details and address, and make a secure payment with a credit card. Online delivery services are in high demand, so please be sure to check if delivery is available in your area before you start.

If you would like some help creating an online account, or navigating shopping websites, please contact your Care Coordinator or Support Coordinator to book in an ‘Online Shopping’ service.

Here are some of the supermarkets offering online grocery shopping:


Woolworths offers a Priority Assistance service, which gives older people and people with disabilities access to dedicated delivery windows. You can check your eligibility and register here (the form is reviewed within 24 hours).

You can also view any item limits that are currently in place at Woolworths, such as toilet paper.


IGA is offering 4 different pack options for delivery through their Priority Shopping service. You can check your availability here.


Coles offers their own Priority Service called COPS for home delivery. To check if you’re eligible and register, please go to the Coles homepage here, and click the Shop Online button.

Click here for more details on Coles Home Delivery.

2. Your Support Worker picks up your online order

Some supermarkets in certain regions are offering Click and Collect services. With Click and Collect, you can order your groceries online from participating stores, and then your support worker will pick them up on your behalf and deliver them to your door.


Click and Collect is available in certain locations for COPS registered customers. Once you have signed up to COPS (see option 1 above), you will be shown all available collection locations based on the address you provide.


Community Pick Up is available in certain locations for Priority Assistance registered customers. Similar to Coles, once you have signed up, the locations for pick up will be available for you to choose from. You can also find your nearest Community Pick Up location here.

Speak to your Focus Care Manager or Support Coordinator today about booking in a Grocery Pickup service.

3. Your Support Worker shops for you

You might not feel comfortable shopping online, or you might have a specific list of groceries that a dedicated shopper would be able to retrieve for you with less fuss. If this is you, you might prefer to have your Support Worker buy your groceries at the supermarket for you and bring them to your home.

Your Support Worker will practise sensible infection control measures as they collect your shopping list and the money, pick up your groceries from the store, and deliver them to you.

4. Order a meal kit

If you like the idea of cooking to have something fun to do while staying home in isolation, you might be interested in purchasing meal kits. Online you can select which meals you like the look of. You will receive a box, delivered to your door, containing the fresh ingredients and menu cards with easy step-by-step instructions.

Some of the popular meal kit services are:

Marley Spoon
Hello Fresh

This is a fun activity that you might like to do with your Support Worker. Contact your Care Manager or Support Coordinator today if you are interested in trialling meal kits with your Support Worker.

5. Shop with your Support Worker

If you are over 70 or have an underlying health condition, we strongly advise that you choose one of the 4 options above. However, if you wish to attend the shops, your Support Worker can accompany you. We recommend that you do not touch anything in the store and allow your Support Worker to carry out the shopping task while exercising infection control.

This information is correct as of Friday 7th of July 2021. Please note that this is a guide list, and not all inclusive. Regulations for shopping and availability of products are subject to change. If you would like updated information on government advice, supermarket service availabilities, or have any concerns, please contact Focus Care.

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