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COVID-19 Support

Keeping the community safe. That's our focus.

When it comes to best practice during COVID 19, our support workers are always up to date, and committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe.

COVID-19 support

Protection as a priority.

As parts of Australia endure snap lockdowns, we are continuing to work with expert health professionals and leading advisors to develop programs to keep people safe.

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A rapidly-changing landscape

Quickly responding to change.

We understand how much anxiety COVID brings. Rest assured, we closely monitor NSW Health, Queensland Health, Health.vic, the Federal Government, and the World Health Organisation guidelines to ensure compliance with the latest recommendations.

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Want to stay up to date with COVID-19 news?

Our protection initiative

Going to great lengths to keep you safe.

As well as strictly following all official guidelines, we have our own Protection Initiative, designed to give you confidence in our services.

All team members, wherever they’re based, have received thorough COVID-19 training and have been provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to use during your services.

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Stepping up to help out in the pandemic

Our bespoke COVID-19 support services

Personal Care
Home nursing

Our home nursing services have increased in popularity during COVID-19, as they offer everyday medical support, without the need to visit a hospital or doctor's surgery.


A check-in phone call with our in-house counsellor can be reassuring, and offers an opportunity to be social. You can also check in with your support worker, and run regular health checks.

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Online counselling

Feel free to talk about your experiences during COVID-19, share your feelings, learn some coping strategies and gain a helpful insight into your emotional wellbeing from our trained counsellors

Online art therapy

A one hour online session with a trained art therapist, to alleviate stress, and help you express yourself. We can provide your materials.

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Home deliveries

If you’re self isolating, or find it hard to get to the shops, we can arrange groceries and household essentials to be safely delivered to your door.

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Window Cleaner
Home sanitation

For the ultimate comfort and peace of mind, we can arrange a thorough house clean, with an emphasis on sanitising surfaces.

A message to the Focus Care team and clients

Coronavirus - What we can do

For older people and people with underlying health issues, coronavirus can be really serious. The good news is, you can protect yourself and others by adopting the following measures.

Their focus is our focus.

What our clients say

In all my dealings with Focus, I have found them to be a very organised and professional service. They provide wonderful support for both the clients and their workers during the COVID-19 issues. I would highly recommend Focus Care to other clients.
NDIS client
We are so happy with Mary and the attention to detail she gives while maintaining a sense of humour and personable conversations, and is also diligent in her COVID-19 restrictions. She is a hard worker. We appreciate everything Focus do in supporting us as a family!
Daughter of a Home Care Package client


Answers to some common questions

If you have a question about our response to Coronavirus and you can't find your answer on this page, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The TGA has approved 2 vaccines for use in Australia, the:

  1. Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

  2. Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine.

This means that these vaccines have met the TGA’s rigorous standards for safety, quality and efficacy. It will be free to all Australian residents.

You can view a list of vaccines that have submitted applications to the TGA.

We’re waiting on the government's aged care worker vaccination policy before developing our own policy on immunisation.

Our duty is to continue supporting our clients, while minimising the risk to others. If a client tests positive for COVID-19, any team member who has been in contact with them will immediately be required to self isolate for 14 days, and any other clients the support worker has visited will be notified.

If the client who has tested positive requires services home care services to stay healthy and safe, we will work with them to ensure they receive the support they need, while taking the utmost precautions to protect our team from the virus.

Our team are on the front-line, so we take their safety, and that of their colleagues, very seriously. As soon as we discover a team member has been tested for COVID-19, they must self isolate until their test result is known. They must provide evidence of a negative test result to continue working.

We closely follow the health advice and updates from NSW Health, Health Victoria and Queensland Health and regularly ask our team members to confirm that they have not attended any hotspots.

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Whatever your focus during COVID-19, we can help.

To find out more about how we can support your needs during COVID-19, talk to our friendly team.