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17 November, 2020

The 14 Traits We Look For in a Great Support Worker

We care deeply about our clients’ happiness, health and wellbeing, so carefully handpicking the best Support Workers is a priority for us. We are always on the lookout for fantastic people to join the Focus family. Here are the 14 key traits that we look for when hiring new team members.

If you are considering becoming a Support Worker, or you’re already working in the field, we are truly inspired by your dedication to improving the lives of others. Without people like you, we can’t do what we do best – supporting some of Australia’s most vulnerable people to live full and independent lives. 

Our services are available to people needing disability supportdementia care and in-home aged care. Here are some of the key traits that we look for in our amazing employees, whether they are Aged Care Support Workers, Disability Support Workers, or both.

Aged Care Support Worker with client at nursery - Focus Care1. A warm and friendly personality

All of our Support Workers carry out their work with a smile! In this line of work, you will develop very close relationships with our clients, and so it’s important that you are friendly and approachable. Sometimes clients are lonely and you may be the only company that they have, so they need to be able to warm to you.

2. Patience

At times, the work Support Workers do can be difficult or repetitive. Older people and people with disabilities can sometimes require a little more support than others – and that’s exactly what our Support Workers are there for. If you work with us, you will need to be patient.

3. Passion for helping others

Do you have a desire to make the world a better place? Great, being a Support Worker may well be the right career path for you. Being a Support Worker isn’t about clocking in and clocking out, it’s about having a genuine passion for making other people’s lives easier, happier and more comfortable.

4. Flexibility

Our Support Workers live full and busy lives outside of the amazing work that they do with us, and we do our very best to offer shifts that work around their schedules. In return, we require flexibility from you as well! The clients you look after might require changes to the days or times that they receive support. Our very best Disability Support Workers and Aged Care Support Workers demonstrate that they are willing to accommodate our clients’ needs.

5. Reliability

Our clients need to be able to count on us, so we really need to be able to count on you. When you commit to a shift, you will need to show up and be there for your client, because they may be relying on you for important things like personal care, taking medication and so much more.

6. Empathy

Sometimes, a client may have been dealt a more difficult hand in life than you. They don’t want your sympathy, however, your empathy will go a long way. Try to put yourself in their shoes, and treat each and every client the way that you would like your loved ones to be treated.

A Support Worker comforts a client. Focus Care7. A can-do approach

The last thing we would ever want our clients to feel is that they are in any way a burden. Some of the work expected of Support Workers may not be glamorous, but your enthusiasm will go a long way. If you have the right attitude, we would love for you to join our team.

8. Willingness to learn

As we’re such a person-centred business, we put a lot of emphasis on hiring people based on their character. No matter what level of experience you have, we need to see that you’re willing-to-learn and grow. We invest in our staff and provide ongoing training throughout your employment to ensure you are equipped with the newest and best training methods in home care and disability support. 

9. Good character

Our clients and their families trust us to go into their homes and care for them. It is so important that our Support Workers are honest individuals. We need to be able to trust you. We know that nobody is perfect, but we do need to see that Support Workers have integrity. One of the key requirements for all of our Support Workers is that you have a valid Police Check. Without this, you will be unable to apply for a role at Focus Care.

10. Dedication

Being a Support Worker isn’t a job for people whose only motivation is to get paid. There is a lot of dedication and commitment involved with working with seniors and people with disabilities. While we recognise that everyone has their own needs, we ask Support Workers to give 110% while on the job.

11. Maturity

Don’t worry – we understand that maturity isn’t always measured by age. There are 18 year olds with old souls, and 50 year olds with the wisdom of a toothpick! However, maturity is so important when working as a Support Worker. You may be faced with uncomfortable or unpleasant situations, and you will need to remain calm and responsibly follow our procedures.

12. Resilience

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – we have to get back up again when things don’t go our way. With all of our best intentions, sometimes, people have difficulty accepting our help. This is absolutely okay, but if an unkind word is on occasion spoken by a client, we need our Support Workers  to rise above, brush it off, and treat them just as kindly as they would normally.

13. Initiative

You will typically work alone in various home settings. Support Workers have a big impact on people’s lives. You will often be the first person to notice changes in a client’s behaviour or health – sooner than even the client’s family members. In instances like this, you will need to show initiative and communicate to us the changes you have noticed so that we can provide the best possible care to our valued clients.

Three men say cheers with drinks. One man is in a wheelchair - Focus Care14. Confidence

You don’t need to be ready to belt out a song on a stage, but quiet confidence is important. Our Support Workers will meet lots of new people over the course of their careers, and they may find themselves in challenging situations. You’ll need to feel confident in working alone, being able to take charge, and strike up friendly conversation at home and in the community.

Apply today for a rewarding career at Focus Care

We may be biased, but we strongly believe that Support Workers are superheroes. If you are interested in a career working with us, please check out our careers page to apply for our open positions.

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