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Focus On: Deb, Regional Manager - New England

24 November, 2021

Each month, Focus Care spotlights one of our amazing Head Office staff, showcasing the work they do and helping you put a face to the name. Today we chatted to Deb, our Regional Manager in New England, and learnt about all that Focus Care has to offer in the area.

Thanks for sitting down with me today, Deb. Exciting to have you in the office today, all the way from Armidale! Let’s begin with a simple one – tell me how you got to work in this industry.

It’s always a pleasure coming here. Well, I have been a Registered Nurse for approximately 110 million years (laughs). I’d worked in community nursing before, and have managed aged care community services in the past. After working at Armidale Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit for awhile, I realised that I wanted to come back to community nursing. It’s a lot more heart-centred and rewarding.

Just before joining Focus Care, I was the Learning & Development Manager for a nursing home. When I found the position here, the company was only just starting to grow. I have been here for around two, two and a half years? Gee, time sure does fly when having fun (laughs)! I knew, from when I first got here – I just had a feeling that this was the type of place where you could make a difference. It’s exciting to have been here for so long – I’ve gotten to watch the organisation grow from the beginning.  


It would be nice to have been able to see the company grow. I’m sure it’s facilitated your own personal growth too! Do you think your job has changed a lot over the years – and how so?

Over the years? More like over the weeks (laughs)! My job changes all the time. I have been the Executive Care Manager as soon as I began at Focus, but I’ve been all over the map. Sometimes I’ve managed the HCP team, sometimes I’ve managed the NDIS team, and I’ve even created our Work Ready Training for all of our Support Workers.

Once I needed a hip replacement, I knew I had to go back home to Armidale. Christina (CEO, Focus Care) and I had spoken about expanding our services to the New England / Armidale area in the past, so this seemed like the perfect time to do so. I had worked in Armidale Hospital in the past, and was familiar with the community there. Because the aged care and disability support services we offer at Focus are so fantastic, we’ve been very successful in taking onboard lovely clients in the Armidale area.


It definitely sounds like moving back home to Armidale had its perks.

It did. Armidale is a lovely community – very cultural, filled with very good people. Our clients are wonderful, they are very good with our Support Workers, are always open to receiving support, and are flexible. Our Support Workers are great too – a lot of younger students who study at the local university are looking to come onboard. It’s a flexible job that works quite well with studying, so I do definitely see the appeal!


I see the appeal, too! There’s nothing that a uni student loves more then flexibility in their role. Speaking of role - what do you enjoy the most about your current role?

For me, it’s the satisfaction of working with people. I specialise in clinical consultation for palliative care. It’s a lot of work around death, and dying, but it’s so much more then that – it’s about the experience of these people, and working with elderly people during that end of life journey. I don’t really find it difficult. It’s sensitive.

A lot of training I did around working in the ICU helped me learn a lot that I’ve never forgotten. I do believe that the greatest gift is being able to give someone that quality of life. I help people feel comfortable, but more importantly, I help them feel love – I want them to know that they’re surrounded by love in their final moments.


What is your favourite part about working at Focus Care?

Oh, now this one is too easy! Focus Care empowers me, to say the least. Focus enables me to provide brilliant structures, and brilliant care for those around me. The processes that we have in place actually support that! A lot of organisations don’t have that – and I think what sets us apart is that we stand for our clients.

We stand for wanting to provide quality care, and quality support, whether it be somewhere as central as Sydney, or the New England / Armidale area. That’s why we have been able to grow the business – people want to sign up with us because of who we are and what we stand for. I truly, truly believe that.


That’s beautiful, it really is. It’s so nice to see the difference that we’re making all over Australia, including Armidale. That’s about it from me, though – so thank you for taking the time to sit with me, Deb!

Oh no, thank you darling. Thank you!


Congratulations to Deb for this month’s recognition. Check this space next month for our next Focus On Staff Highlight!

Focus Care is an approved provider of Home Care Packages, and a registered NDIS Service Provider. If you are looking for home care or disability support, contact us today to see how we can help.

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